The aims and objectives of the Association shall be :


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To do all such other lawful things as are necessary and as advisable for the advavancement of its interests.

  • (a) To advance knowledge of the principles and practice of library and information science
  • (b) To initiate, sponsor, undertake, encourage and promote scholarly study and research and consultancy work in the fields of library science and services. The Association shall constantly strive to relate its academic work to research and consultancy work to socially relevant themes.
  • (c) To organise lectures, seminars, workshops and other instructional programmes to further the aforementioned objectives of the Association
  • (d) To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, journals, bulletins, etc., on topics of interest to professionals as well as lay public relating to library and information services
  • (e) To take all lawful action, including legal action in order to protect professional and those areas of public interest affecting, or related to the profession
  • (g) To subscribe to, become a member of, or otherwise co-operate with any other association having objectives altogether or in part similar the those of the Association

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