BITS & BYTES Lecture Series Minutes

Minutes of First lecture held on 13th February 2015 at SRELS, Rajajinagagr, Bangalore

Topic: “Big Data and Analytics: Applications in LIS”

Speaker: Suvarasha Minj, Kaybus, Bangalore

Organizers:NCSI-Net Foundation, Karnataka State Library Association (KALA) and Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS)

Date & Venue:Friday 13th February 2015 at SRELS, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

The Lecture started with welcome address and brief introduction of lecture series by Dr. Francis Jayakanth.

Dr. IRN Goudar, who presided the function, introduced speaker and presented his views about the buzz word “Big Data” which is widely talked in present social networking context. He also appreciated organizers – and the three organizations - for reinitiating monthly lecture series in Bangalore.

Mrs. Suvarsha, the speaker, introduced concept &history of Big Data and its nature. She explained Big data with its 4Vs terminology i.e Volume (terabytes to exabytes of data), Velocity (Data in motion, streaming data), Variety (Data in many formats like structured, semi structured, unstructured etc), Veracity (Data in doubt). She spoke about big data analytics which has got wide market applications, for example market trends, customer preferences etc. The history of big data analytics was demonstrated with a YouTube video. Survasha highlighted key enablers and technologies of big data. She explained MapReduce,Apache Hadoop – 2005, NoSQL and other big data related technologies. She also mentioned applications of big data in various fields by giving various examples like, Wal-Mart can predict what products will sell, Car insurance companies understand how well their customers actually drive, Obama’s 2012 election win by analyzing big data analytics etc.

She concluded her talk byexplaining applications of Big Data concepts in LIS field; she mentioned various ongoing projects in LIS arena. She opined that possible applications of Big Data in LIS field can be:

1. Knowledge production – keeping the tabs – using web data,
2. Information – Books, articles, data sets, metadata along with other data
3. Users – Usage of information
4. Webometrics - large scale data analysis identifying appropriate research fields for new information sources based upon an initial analysis of its potential
5. Bibliometrics and Altmetrics - identify patterns, discover new knowledge, and inform public and scholarly decision making

Finally she concluded her talk by explaining path of Knowledge automation and Kaybus knowledge automation tool demonstration. There was interactive question answer session.

The lecture was attended by more than 40 professionals from academic, R & D, corporate, student community. The lecture was well received and appreciated by the participants.

Mr. Ananda Byrappa thanked Mrs. Suvarsha for informative talk and Dr. IRN Goudar for presiding over the lecture. Anand thanked audience for making the first Bits and Bytes lecture successful by turning in large numbers. Anand explained how the BITS and BYTES lecture series would help LIS professionals in Bangalore going forward.

About BITS & BYTES Lecture Series:

A Joint lecture series initiated in Bangalore by three LIS organizations namely - NCSI-Net Foundation, Karnataka State Library Association (KALA) and Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS). Organizers welcome others to join the initiative. The lecture would be held on second Friday of every month at 6.15 pm at SRELS, Rajajiangar, Bangalore.

Next talk would be organized on 13th March about “Library Space in context of Internet World” by Prof. Lalitha Aswath, Director, Prasaranga, Bangalore University. The lecture would be presided by Prof. AY Asundi. Former Prof. Bangalore University.

Minutes Prepared by: Shivaram with inputs from Madhuresh Singhal& Ananda Byrappa


BITS & BYTES Lecture Series

You are cordially invited to attend the following BITS & BYTES lecture series organized by NCSI-Net Foundation, Karnataka State Library Association (KALA) and SRELS.

TOPIC: Big Data and Analytics: Applications in LIS

SPEAKER: Suvarsha Minj

The talk will be presided over by Dr IRN Goudar.

PLACE: Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS)
702, 'Upstairs', 42nd Cross, III Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010
DATE & TIME: Friday Feb 13, 2015 at 6.15 p.m.

ABOUT TOPIC: Historically Big data has been around for several decades - in fact, in some versions it predates even the Internet and the Web. But ‘Big Data’ has become, along with ‘Analytics’ the all ubiquitous buzzwords only in the more recent past. Also, like the legendary story of the elephant and the blind men, there are several versions of what exactly they are, of their usefulness and application. So how do we separate out the facts from fiction? This talk looks at the concepts and key terms associated with ‘Big Data' and 'Analytics’, the technologies that have risen to deal with them and some examples of practical applications in business and industry. Finally, the talk considers Big Data and Analytics from the perspective of Library and Information Science, understanding some of the experiments carried out and future areas of possible applications. It also briefly covers if the skills of library and information professional can be relevant in this new domain. After all, loosely speaking, are we not the managers of organized data (books/information/knowledge) in the pre big-data world?

ABOUT SPEAKER: Suvarsha Minj works as Knowledge Curator in a start-up Kaybus Inc. - a Enterprise SaaS based Knowledge Automation Company. The company works transforming enterprise information into knowledge by personalizing it to individual needs in context using Big Data technologies. In the past, she has worked on several projects at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. She was part of the SALIS (Software and Licensing Information System) at ERNET and the project SJPI (Scientific Journal Publishing in India) using Open Journal Systems (OJS) at NCSI. More recently, she has led in porting the 100-year-old journal, The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science into OJS, and digitize and make available on an Archive Management System all the publications - since its inception in 1974 - of the Center for Sustainable Technologies, IISc. She has published some national and international papers based on her work. She has also worked in the corporate sector in several organisations like Yahoo, Hewlett Packard (HP) and General Electric (GE) in various capacities and is an alumnus of NCSI-Net.

About BITS & BYTES: A collaborative Lecture/Learning series initiative by professional associations and institutes of Karnataka - NCSI-Net Foundation, Karnataka State Library Association (KALA) and Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science (SRELS).

IH Jahagirdar
Karnataka State Library Association