About Karnataka State Library Association (KALA)

KALA is a registered Association contributing to the professional development of the Library professionals. Formerly the name of KALA was 'Mysore State Library Association' founded by the initiative of late Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, Father of Library Science in India. Dr. H. Narasimhaiah, Dr. A.C. Devegowda, Sri J. B. Mallaradhya and other stalwarts were the past presidents.

Aims and Objectives of KALA are:

  • To promote and inculcate professional consciousness among LIS personnel and others through multifarious activities.
  • To advance knowledge, to have integrated approach with academia, R & D and other organizations for promotion development of LIS activities, policies and programmes
  • To initiate, sponsor, undertake, encourage and promote scholarly study, research and consultancy work in the field of LIS.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, workshops and other continuing education programmes to further the above objectives.
  • To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, newsletters, etc., on topics of interest to professionals and others.
  • To take all lawful action including legal action in order to protect professional interest.
  • To make appropriate recommendations to Government and other authorities for promotion and development of LIS professionals.
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